Santiago de Compostela road

Our village *** on the road leading to Santiago de Compostela

Aux Portes des Monts d’Aubrac is located on the prestigious Santiago de Compostela Road (GR 65), your are invited festival rando Claude 2008 079to take a break for one or more nights in order to regain strength before going on to your next destination.

At only 1.5 km from the exit of Espalion in the direction of Estaing, this 6-hectare holiday village *** nestles in the countryside, in a quiet area, ideal for reboosting your energy. Your apartments are equipped with kitchen, bathroom, terrace and WC.

Our swimming pool (July / August) will offer you a moment of relaxation after having walked all day. To stay connected, free Wi-Fi at the reception.

Whether you book in advance or at the very last minute, you will always be welcome !


From the great steppes of the Aubrac to the charming villages of the Lot river Valley, let yourself be carried away by this country full of history and emotions. The Aveyron section represents 102 km to go.

• Per night: 15 €7

Breakfast : 6 € (upon booking)

 Dinner : 13 € (upon booking)

Dryer : 3 €

Washing machine : 3 €

Bedsheet rental : 6 €

 * All our meals are prepared by our teams and packed in trays to be warmed up in your apartments.

GR 65, the Santiago de Compostela road

Espalion is a must for pilgrims on the Way of Santiago de Compostela: the Via Podiensis from Puy-en-Velay, crossing the Aveyron to reach Spain. The roads to Santiago de Compostela in France are classified as UNESCO World Heritage and recognised as “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, Paths of History, Spirituality, Encounter”.

Must-sees during your passage on the way: the “Pont des Pèlerins” – the Pilgrim Bridge on the tributary at St Chely d’Aubrac, the Old Bridge at Espalion, the Bridge on the Lot river at Estaing, the Bridge on the Dourdou at Conques, the Sainte-Foy abbey in Conques.

For groups or hiking clubs we offer a star-form journey on the way of Santiago de Compostela with the mythical stopovers of Aumont Aubrac and Conques.


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