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Heritage Discoveries : Les Enluminées 2

History, Archeology and the Middle Ages

         Go back to the castle of Calmont d’Olt to live the siege of a fortress, where medieval architecture, tools and equipment await you there as well as a knight diploma. Then, you will visit the medieval eden with its garden, its animals (Bears, Lions, Wolves ..).

         Even further in time, you will learn to make pottery, and you will go to meet the dolmens thanks to the speakers of the Montrozier Archaeological Museum. Eventually, you will go to Terra Memoria to live a trip in the heart of Aveyron which will tell you the evolution of the old and current landscapes of our department.

        In the centre, the “Enluminées” will make you discover exciting workshops (calligraphy, illuminations, dances, workshop of scents, candle making, leather-works).

Finally, you can visit a jewel of Romanesque art: the village of Conques and its abbey church (a major monument of the architectural heritage) on the way to Santiago de Compostela, the abbey church of Conques has the pride to shelter an incomparable treasure of Romanesque sculptures (tympanum of the last judgment, historized capitals) which magnify the stained glass windows of Pierre Soulages.



Nature and environment :escalade-viaduc


A country, a river, from Olt to Lot

         During the discovery week, visit the water circuit in Espalion: water capture at the tap, the operation of peat bogs, water sampling in a tributary (locally known as boralde) and analysis.

Woods and forests in Olt

         This theme invites to a rediscovery of the forest, the formation of humus, life in the trees, the trades of the wood industry, the molding of footprints, the elaboration of a herbarium…

You may also visit :

-The Rouergue Museum in Salles la Source (traditional arts and crafts),

– The Petting Zoo “L’âne Heureux” (the happy Donkey) with its animals and its ancient tools,

– The Knifemaking and cutlery of Laguiole,gal-2533375

– The local dairy Jeune Montagne which produces cheese to make the famous Aligot and the cheese of Laguiole,

– The caves of Roquefort,

– The Viaduct of Millau, Micropolis (the city of insects),

– The Wolves of the Gévaudan,

– The great cattle market at Laissac,

– Conques and its abbey church.



       You can go hiking with Lpo to discover birds, with Rand’Aubrac to walk near the peat bogs in the footsteps of the wolf and great deers on the Aubrac plateau, with the Cpie to foster understanding of our environment.

         Finally, you can introduce yourself to horseback riding with the Cavaliers du Causse (horseriding centre of Bozouls, approved by the French federation of horseriding)





– Educational assets

            The first is the quality of the speakers (All are empowered by the academic inspection of Aveyron). They are passionate and graduate professionals (LPOCPIE, Rand’Aubrac, Vert Tea Jeu).

        The second is the proximity of exceptional sites (the Lot river valley, the Aubrac plateau, the Grands Causses, the Tarn river Canyon, Conques, Estaing, the geological site of Bozouls and the viaduct of Millau), allowing discovery of our environment through a multitude of activities.

         Finally, an exceptional heritage highlighted in a very playful way for the greatest happiness of children (Castle of Calmont d’Olt, Castle of Colombier, Archaeological Museum of Montrozier, Museum of Arts and Crafts of Salles la Source, the Gévaudan wolf parc, Micropolis, Terra memoria, the villages of Conques, of Espalion d’Estaing and many others …)

What’s new : (download the activities of our service providers)

Chateau de Calmont d’Olt educational offer 2019 : pdf                    Montrozier Museum : pdf

Les enluminées :pdf                                                                  Museum of Salle la Source : pdf

LPO (Bird protection) : pdf               Discovering the Aubrac mid-mountains : pdf




Classe-Calmont    Canoe


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